Tentative presenter and class list for KinkyCon XI

These presenters and/or classes are subject to change.


Sadistic Massage: It's good for you!

A practitioner of Japanese styles of shiatsu and acupressure for over 20 years, -Iya- will share her love of body work that spans from deeply pleasurable and relaxing to vigorous, rough and downright painful. You will learn techniques for a basic therapeutic massage with a sadistic twist -it will hurt, but it's good for you! Using thumbs, fingers, fists, elbows, knees and feet this will be a whole body experience bringing SM pleasure to the giver and receiver. Safety issues and basic anatomy will be included. Variations using rope for added leverage will be demonstrated. Being partnered for the class allows for practice of the techniques, if not, time will be allotted at the beginning for possible partnering. Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in and a mat or blanket for the floor.

The Whipping Post: Crack with Connection

The sound of the whip can be both intense and intimidating. The popper is the culprit of that indistinguishable â??crackâ?? elicited when it exceeds the speed of sound. Whips can evoke the strongest of sensations to the lightest whisper of a touch.

The whip wielder's energy, both physical and otherwise, travels through the whip to the receiver. Stepping up onto the whipping post can be one of the most terrifying moments in one's exploration of play.

Whips take time to learn and require much practice and patience. In this class, we'll approach the whipping post from both the wielder and receivers point of view. Come develop your skills ranging from the technical and precise to the emotional and spiritual.

Developing Compersion and Kindness in Multi-faceted Relationships

Compersion is a positive emotional response to a loved one's other relationship(s). Often described as the opposite of jealousy, it is not often our first (or second or third) response when our partner(s) begin new relationships, but it can be developed and cultivated. In this workshop, a traditional Buddhist meditation called the Metta Bhavana will form the basis for our practice of developing kindness towards ourselves, our partner(s), and those for whom we interact in our multi-faceted lives. Participants need not be in a current relationship, everyone is welcome to attend. Buddhist principles will be discussed in relation to the meditation and concepts, but one does not need to be a Buddhist to practice this.


BDSM Exploratorium with Bo Blaze, PCC

Bestselling author of the book â??50 Shades of Curious â?? BDSM for Beginnersâ?? and Alternative Life Coach, Bo Blaze, PCC will be your guide. Bo will show you some basic â??101 techniquesâ?? on floggers, whips, canes, paddles and other implements of erotic torment. Basic safety tips including, â??where and where not to hitâ?? and all the Q & A you can think of will be addressed. For more info on Bo, please visit ww.AlternativeLifeCoach.com

Jealousy â?? The Green Eyed Monster with Bo Blaze, PCC

From the most experienced poly group to the monogamous couple, jealousy affects us all and donâ??t let anyone tell you different. This class will help you create a healthier relationship and explore ways to deal with and understand your jealousy. Join â??Alternative Life Coachâ?? Bo Blaze, PCC and find out if you are a good fit for poly, how to unlearn core beliefs that generate jealousy and how fear is the root of all jealousy. For more info on Bo, please visit ww.AlternativeLifeCoach.com

The DeTails of Flogging with Bo Blaze, PCC

This is a great beginner to intermediate class taught by Bo Blaze, author of the book â??50 Shades of Curiousâ?? and co-owner of the popular flogger company detailstoys.com. This class was the inspiration for their instructional DVD of the same name. Bo will show you why he feels specific throws are less important than getting comfortable with your flogger and yourself. Youâ??ll learn techniques to build confidence and accuracy and get a good overview on various hides and materials, which along with throws and angles, all come together to create both stingy & thuddy sensations. Live demonstrations and important basics like, â??where and where not to hitâ?? will round out this fun, laid back but very informative look at flogging. For more info on Bo, please visit ww.AlternativeLifeCoach.com

Flitter :

The Dance of Anticipatory Service

This class will help explain the different kinds of services; with its main focus on Anticipatory Service. We will find what services speak to you as a sub and as a Dom, and how to implement them into your relationships. We will discover how to give service to any Dom to make them feel like they are number one and feel like you know them inside and out. We will talk about how to receive service from the submissive to make them melt with infatuation for the Dom. Come and learn what I like to call â??The Dance of Anticipatory Serviceâ?? and take your relationships to that next level that you always wanted but couldnâ??t figure out how to do. We will have demonstrations on coffee/tea service, cigar service, cooking and table service as well as community/play party service. There will be time to have hands on experience with Anticipatory Service. At the end of the class you will have a better understanding of what services you want to explore, how to give and receive service, and have some practice with â??The Dance of Anticipatory Service.â??

Gigi and Lilith :

Rope 101, The fundamentals and terminology.

This class is designed to set you up for success on your rope journey. You will leave with a basic understanding of rope fundamentals and terminology to get you started. We will go over the difference between "Safe" knots and "Risky" knots as well as how to check your knots, once tied for safety. Our focus will be on double and single column ties. We will be demonstrating their relevance and versatility in bondage to give a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals. You may be surprised how much you can actually do with just a double and single column tie. We will also be going over the most commonly used terms in rope bondage, their meanings and applications.

Connection through Rope

Rope is about so much more than knots! Connecting with your rope partner is so important. This class is less about the technical application of rope and more about building and creating good energy and connection with your partner before, during, and after play.We will go over the importance of touch, pace, atmosphere and energy. Good ways to warm up and start your scene, how to create the reactions you want in your bottom and how to bring your scene to an end to provide aftercare. This class will require a partner if you wish to participate since it includes partnered stretching and breathing exercises.


Being a good rope top

Being a good rope top
There are lots of good classes on improving one's skills as a rope bottom. There are tons of classes on how to tie. This class puts forth the other things that a rigger can do to improve the tying experience for rigger and model, i.e. Establishing a connection before during and after a tie. Reading the non-verbal cues of a model. Body positioning while tying for the rigger and the model. Being a strong lead in this dance of rope.
*Hands on
*No prerequisite

Giotto's performance Takate Kote

Giotto's performance Takate Kote
Learn to tie Giotto's own fusion TK that he uses in his many performances. This three rope TK is well structured and easy to tension properly. It is quick(ish) to tie and has been tested under fire as one of the most sustainable suspension chest harnesses that many rope models have encountered.
*Intermediate Class
*Prereq: Good rope handling skills. Solid single column ties

How Knot to cut rope

How Knot to cut rope

How can you avoid cutting your precious rope and still keep the bottom safe? This class will cover quick releases to let your bottom down quickly, adding ties and physically manipulating your bottom and ropes to fix problems. Giotto will also cover what to do when you need to cut rope.
*Demo and lecture


Hypnokink 101

Join HypnoStory for an introduction to hypnosis and hypnokink. Weâ??ll talk about and demonstrate what hypnosis is and what you need to know to play with it safely and effectively. Everyone who wants to will have the opportunity to hypnotize and/or be hypnotized. The intention of the class is that you leave with enough knowledge and experience to experiment with hypnosis in your own play. Bring a practice partner, or be prepared to pair up with someone in class for the practice part of the class

Sledgehammer Hypnosis Workshop

Interested in playing with hypnosis, but not sure where to start? Been to an Erotic Hypnosis 101 class, but want direction about where to begin? Join HypnoStory for an interactive workshop focused on giving you a chance to practice a variety of techniques that give the subject/person being hypnotized a strong experience. Hypnostory will demonstrate, and then you'll have a chance to practice with a partner and experience it for yourself. Both partners in each pair will have time to try being both hypnotist and subject if they want to. (No actual sledgehammers will be used, though ACME Instant Hypnosis jokes are likely).

Mindy T:

Embody Sexy

This transformational workshop incorporates dynamic group work and conscious interactive conversation to help us dismantle external myths of what it truly means to embody sexy. We will connect through universal experiences and confront invisible barriers as a group to engage and address the inner critic. This is naked, vulnerable work (metaphorically speaking), but our goal is a real time shift towards more kindness and compassion towards ourselves and one another, and more agency within our own lives and in our own bodies. If you are willing, I can take you there.

MrKinkyBear and taylorella_KB:

Needle Play 101: It's Just a Little Prick!

This entry level needle play class will lead its audience through the basics of needle play and how to create a safe sharps scene.
Topics will include safety, negotiations, required equipment, play space setup/breakdown, and basic play piercing techniques.

-Safety and negotiations: Discussion of clean vs sterile, health risks (underlying diseases and medications), blood borne diseases, scarring potential, what to do if things don't go as planned
-Required equipment: Overview of supplies needed for a basic play piercing scene
-Play space setup/breakdown: Discussion of how to set up your space for success and how to make sure the space is safest for piercing play, how to properly dispose of sharps
-Basic play piercing techniques: Demonstration on how to prep the area to be pierced, multiple piercing techniques, what to do if you stick yourself, how to remove needles, aftercare

Needle Play 102: Beautifully Brutal Belonephilia

Overview: This class will provide you with ideas and techniques to both perfect your poking skills and take things to the next level. Topics will include needle design strategies, staple play, adding other play modalities to needle play (chemical play, electrical play, etc) and other ways to enhance your needle play beyond just the pokes!

- Review of basic safety, equipment setup, play piercing techniques
- Artistic design and corsetry
- Ways to be even more sadistic with needles (endorphin buttons, double and triple sticks, twist and stick, etc)
- Staple play
- Chemical needle play
- Electrical needle play
- Blood cupping


What does a KNIFE do for you?

Knives elicit many different responses. Many of those reactions excite me as a kinkster; fear, arousal, anticipation, excitement, anxiety, rapid heartbeats, giggling, even relaxation. This class will cover the safety of and the risks of playing with knives, how to select a knife that works for you, caring for and proper cleaning of your knife(vies). Through demonstration there will be examples of techniques that can be used to elicit intended reactions and desired results.

All About Head

In the lifestyle, much of our play is about impacting the body, we tend to concentrate in large part on the thighs to the breast, sometimes the feet of course...but what about the neck and the head. This class will focus on the sensations from pleasant to painful and a host of others in between while focusing on just the neck and head as the canvas. Let's see just how much fun can be had from sensual touch to safe impact. This class will incorporate some of the typical implements from a toy bag as well as many items you may not ever think to place in there.

The Beauty of Feet

It is the goal of this class to shed some light on the taboos and myths of foot fetishism. As the presenter, my goal will be to evoke discussion regarding foot fetishism through a variety of formats, such as quick demos. raising discussion topics and sharing my personal experiences. Although foot fetishism varies from person to person there are commonalities and we will discuss many of the reasons why some individuals find feet so attractive. This class is for all levels of experience with foot fetishism, especially those unsure but curious.

Natalie Prioness:

Beyond Bottoming:

As timid new bottoms we learn to lay down and get hit. As we grow we learn skills that help us to identify the good tops, what we need to to do stay safe, and how to negotiate. Essentially, we learn how to get to the 'lie down' part faster and more efficiently. Those skills are crucial for getting past the frenzy that new bottoms experience but they are essentially a baseline that all bottoms need.

In this class we will explore what it takes to step up your game beyond gleeful target or clear negotiator into the area of masterful bottom. So come and learn what it takes to bring your bottoming from competent to exemplary

Intersections of Gender and Kink

There are a lot of uninformed and at times silly questions people want to ask about gender, a *whole* lot. What better way to clear things up than by asking you, the audience, some silly questions? This class will cover the basics of gender, sex, and expression while posing tough questions like "Should I bring my flogger to the office?" and "Are you a top or a bottom?". Hopefully by the end of the class you'll better understand what might be important to your partners, how gender can fit in your toy box with the floggers, and how get on to the fun parts without sticking your foot in your mouth.


A Whirlwind Tour of Impact Play

Orionâ??s Whirlwind Tour of Impact Play, is your chance to explore, discuss, experiment, and practice technique (or receive impact) across a sample of devilish implements in a controlled, educational environment. If you are coming as a single â?? please speak to Orion to see if you can be paired.

Think of this workshop as a guided tour of things which go SPANK, SWAT, CRAAACK, WHAM, THUD, SWISH, and WHAP. The class will vote on implements of interest, and we will cover at least 4 of the following: spanking, other hand impact, paddles, crops, floggers, canes and rods, dragonâ??s tails, and devilish rattan implements. Participants will learn construction and wielding techniques, impact vocabulary (sting versus thud, etc.) safety, aftercare, and can engage in supervised practice (giving and/or receiving) at least 50% of the time. Everyone will have the chance to work with something new â?? and there will be implements available for practice.

Safer Scene Negotiation

So â?? all the lights are green. You want to play. Everything seems perfect. You like this person. And you trust him/her/them. Ready to go?

NO! The most important part of your first kink interaction is to ensure you have negotiated your scene so as to make it the safest scene possible â?? given your interests and limits. And sometimes the safest decision is to decline until you have the chance to observe the individual in a scene or speak to someone who has played with this person.

This module includes distribution of a safer scene negotiation outline, discussion on negotiation, and role play practice so we can all feel much more comfortable â?? Top or bottom â?? in making scenes and play as enjoyable as possible. We will also cover safe words â?? why they are important - what they SHOULD mean â?? and what to expect should you use one.

Sir Vice:

Pressure Points and Joint Locks

Whether you enjoy physical control, pain-play, take-downs, or primal, knowing where and how to place force can make all the difference. This workshop will be an interactive partnered session to review the use of pressure points and joint locks to create maximum effect with a minimum of effort. Use it for subtle purposes to "insist" on obedience, to intensify play experiences, or to create situational predicaments. Definitely for those that enjoy torturing (or being tortured by) their partners. This class consists of partnered exercises, attending with a partner you are comfortable working with is recommended.

Exploring Power Exchange (AKA: D/s and M/s 101)

Power exchange dynamics covers a spectrum of options from everyday casual interactions to simple play and long-term relationships. This workshop will increase understanding of the presence and use of power exchange in casual and enduring relationships, in speech and body language, and how it plays in psycho-emotional experiences. Partners are welcome but not required.


Fem Dom Meet and Greet

Come on over to mix and mingle with your local Fem Doms and those who love them.

Male-Bodied Sounding

Learn the basics of selecting sounds, cleaning sounds and playing.

Polyamory Panel: From curious about to into

Are you curious about what polyamory looks like in different forms? Want to know how to avoid certain pitfalls or challenges? How about tips for being successful from a variety of practitioners....come on over!

Switch Jake:

How to train your squirrel

In this class we delve into the non-traditional forms of pet play. Everyone knows puppies, ponies and kitties, however, there are a slew of other animals that are represented in the kinky kingdom. For example, Switch Jake sometimes attends events as a squirrel. It is difficult to make kinksters do a double take, but dressing as a squirrel achieves this! Come learn about the vast array of non-traditional animals and let your wild side be free!

Balancing Play Partners and Relationships

BDSM offers us a very odd opportunity. We have our single partner. However, sometimes a single partner doesnâ??t fulfill all of our kinks. Therefore play partners are needed to fill the gaps in what we need as kinksters. This is NOT a class on how to pick up an exclusive partner but more how to balance a romantic partner and a play partner. This is more how to manage different people to make everyone happy.

Electrical Play

Actively playing with something your parents told you not to, electricity. Includes toys and safety. Additionally, includes a demo during the class. For those of us who stuck our fingers into electrical outlets and liked it, electricity can be used in a multitude of ways, both pain, and pleasure.

The Chaste and the Keyholder

Chastity is a unique form of play and requires a very special type of relationship. This class covers various types of devices used and contains a personal account of how chastity feels from a male perspective. This class will feature various devices used in chastity and audience members are encouraged to come forward to demonstrate their devices, explain their relationships, examine and touch the devices or recount their experiences with chastity.

Thista Minai:

Suffering for Spirit: An Overview of Ordeal

What is the Ordeal Path, and what does it offer? In this workshop weâ??ll take a panoramic view of Ordeal, touching on the theory behind Ordeal rituals, and exploring many different facets of the Ordeal Path.

Sacred Crisis: The Anatomy of Ordeal

What makes an Ordeal? What is the difference between an intense or spiritual scene and an Ordeal? How do Ordeal rituals help us reach our deepest selves? In this workshop, weâ??ll explore the essential components of Ordeal, and learn how to make the most of our suffering.

Cathartic Flogging

Catharsis is a process of release, purification, and relief, whereby one is rid of repressed emotions and energies. Come learn how flogging can elicit mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual catharsis. This workshop does not focus on technical flogging skills, so please have some knowledge of the fundamentals.


A Whirlwind Tour of the Gender Spectrum

It sure isnâ??t a binary world out there! The range of peopleâ??s experiences, identities, and presentations of gender/sexuality are extraordinary, and yes, sometimes confusing. In this workshop, Wintersong will help illuminate the myriad of ways people experience and express their gender identity, with an eye towards deepening interpersonal understanding and relations. Intended primarily for people new to many of these concepts, there will be lots of time for questions and discussion.

Penile Anatomy For Play

Thereâ??s more to know than you think! Join kinkster and cock aficionado extraordinaire Wintersong for a fun and informative exploration of the ins and outs of cocks, balls and more. Learn about the eight zones of penile sensitivity, strategies and techniques for a variety of play, and more anatomy than you can shake a dick at. Youâ??ll laugh, youâ??ll learn, and your (or someone elseâ??s) genitals will thank you.

Sex (and/or Kink) and Disability

We canâ??t all be perfect specimens of physical and mental health. In fact, many of us are in some way for lack of a better word, broken. This may pre-date our being sexually active, or it could be more a recent development. It can take many different forms and can affect our lives, and yes our sex lives in a wide variety of ways. Letâ??s get together and discuss issues such as: how does one explore safe play within our limitations, how do we find satisfying substitutions for favored activities that may now have become off limits, how do we talk to an erotic partner about our boundaries without freaking them out, and how can we incorporate our disability into our play in positive and healthy ways?


Intimacy through Pain: S&M in culture and the body

Technical skills classes are a frequent feature of BDSM education - and an important one, to keep partners physically and emotionally safe. However, it is also important to understand how pain functions to create or block intimacy. Instead of focusing on techniques or skills (impact play, torture rope), this class explores how pain functions as an intimate connection in an S/m scene, and how to use pain to enhance and deepen a connection with your partner.

Techniques for processing pain, as well as cultural norms and values around pain will also be discussed.

Revenge of the Words: Communication in and for Connection

Wording is hard. Finding the right language to express who you are and what you like and what you want is complicated. It gets even more complicated because people don't always interpret what we say in the way we intended it.

Come and learn about how to write profiles that reflect your identity and communicate your personality, how to use words for impact in journal/blog entries, as well as how to use writing erotica as a negotiation tool / scene description. The class will be driven by participants' interests, and may also cover how to word introduction emails, dating profiles, and frameworks for negotiation, depending on what participants (and/or event organizers) are interested in.

Bring examples with you of profiles/blogs/etc you find interesting or compelling. As time permits permits, we will explore a few hands-on writing exercises designed to develop participants' personal styles and voices.

Developing your Risk Profile

Rope involves risk. Both the fibers we use and the people we tie with are imperfect. We can't control everything that happens in a scene. But we can make informed choices about which types of risk we may be more willing, or entirely unwilling, to assume.
Risk profiles are highly individual creatures: what seems reasonable to one person may not make sense for another. Class participants will actively work through a framework identifying the various levels of risk involved with different types of ties and suspensions. The purpose of the class is to encourage participants to develop their individual risk profile, and to consider how that profile can function as a foundation for play and communication.

This class is taught from a bottom's perspective, but will also be useful for tops interested in thinking through and developing a framework for what types of risk they are comfortable in engaging.

Though focused on rope-related risk, those interested in impact or edge play may also find the framework to be valuable in their kink activities.


Asking - and Why it's so Scary

Many submissives have a problem asking for what they need or want. It took me a long time to be able to do this in my personal life, even though I've never had a problem with expressing my needs in my career. When first entering the D/s lifestyle, I found it even harder to ask for what I needed or wanted because I thought it meant I wasn't submissive enough??. The goal of this workshop is to help you learn more about yourself and your needs and wants and be able to effectively communicate these with your partner.
Why we need to be able to ask for what we need and want.
When to express these needs to our Dominant or Master for the best outcome.
What it is we are really looking for.
How to ask.
What happens if the answer is No?
How to avoid feeling taken advantage of in; or resentful of; the power exchange dynamic.

Power Exchange and Communication Through Ballroom Dance

Learn new communication skills and experience a power exchange at a totally different level while you pick up new moves to show off on the dance floor. The roles of leader and follower are both of equal importance in a successful partnership, but the responsibilities of each are very different. Whether you think you have 2 left feet or are ready to appear on "Dancing With the Stars", you will have fun exploring relationship dynamics and communication through this non-traditional approach. Partners helpful, but not required if you are willing to dance with someone you just met in the class.
Please select one of these dance options: - The Wicked Waltz, Flirtatious Foxtrot or the Titillating Tango

Working Out the Kinks - Flexibility for the Mobility Impaired

Learn an effective and restorative workout for the body with a focus on mindful movement. Moving from the deepest muscles of the body outward will help you restore range of movement, improve alignment and joint stability while improving strength and neuromuscular connections. This workout is suitable for participants of a variety of fitness and mobility levels and variations will be suggested to adapt exercises to your personal needs. Please bring a bath towel and wear something you will be comfortable moving in and bring or wear a pair of socks.

thedomlygent and harper cox:

Loving Degradation: The pleasure of objectification and use

We aim to define, explain, raise questions about, and discuss personal experiences and contemporary theories relating to the ideas we believe articulate "hardcore" kinky play these days: degradation, objectification, and humiliation. We focus personally on what it means to desire it and what it means to want to give it, within the context of a loving relationship and an open set of possibilities such as play parties too. More generally, we also wish to discuss the inherent risks of this type of play given that it takes place within the current context of a pornographic market that celebrates these themes in dangerous ways at times. In the last portion of the class, we hope to entertain questions and comments about others' experiences with, and reflections on, these concepts.