KinkyCon XI Vendor Space Selections

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Vending Maps

Vending Map

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Vending Locations

SpaceCompany Name
A1Madame Wiladina Boutique
A2Needleplay Design
A3EF Leathercraft/EF Whips
A4Pandora's Box
J2Maniacal Leather
J3Ropes By EDK
J4Doomi Couture
J5 (J6)Sunspot Designs
J6Sunspot Designs
L1Agreeable Agony
L2 (L3)Phoenix Latex
L3Phoenix Latex
L4Wicked Woodshop
R2Vicious Whips
R3Dominance Loving Leather
R4Lust Beads
R5deGiotto Rope
R6Big Head Studio
R7My Favorite Kink
R8Pleasure and Pain
R9Knotty Designs
R10Mattz Battz
R11TotemX Creations