KinkyCon XI Vendor Information

Vendors and some sample items/prices

Agreeable Agony: ( L1 )

Agreeable Agony is a collective of crafters/artisans and kinksters from the east coast US who build beautiful handmade floggers, dragon tails, slappers, pitcher candles, claws, pretty colored bondage rope, and other unique kinky toys, and have a passion for sex education!

AthenasbyKimba: ( J1 )

I am an independent distributor with Athena's Home Novelties. We are an all inclusive company specializing adult novelties! We also carry some great edibles and sex enhancing lotions. As an independent Goddess, I will have stock to purchase as well as be available to book home parties. I would like to opportunity for a small 10x10 booth for the event.

Sample Item : Price Range

Vibrators : $ 30-199

Body Eaters : $ 13-20

Massage Products : $ 12-35

Cuffs and Stuff : $ 12-69

Anal Products : $ 10-85

Spa Products : $ 15-40

Big Head Studio: ( R6 )

Big Head Studio specializes in electrical play, selling only "real" violet wands and the nations largest selection of wand accessories.

deGiotto Rope: ( R5 )

deGiotto Rope specializes in making the finest quality natural fiber bondage rope in the world. We start with the highest quality hemp, jute, and bamboo-silk yarns and hand lay them into rope. All of our yarn is dyed before we make rope to ensure that the color goes all the way through. We call it 'color to the bone.' We strive to meet all of our client's needs and as such carry a variety of rigging accessories, rope care materials, educational materials, and apparel. Visit

Sample Item : Price Range

Hemp Rope 30' : $ $30-50

Jute Rope 30' : $ $22.50-$30

Carabiners : $ $8-$15

Bamboo Silk Rope 30' : $ $40

Coconut Rope 30' : $ $5-10

Suspension Rings : $ $35-$150

Swivel : $ $40

deGiotto Rope Shirts : $ $15-$25

Safety Shears : $ $7-$12

Rope Care Materials : $ $5-$20

Doc_Waxman: ( R1 )

DocWaxman is your source for hand poured custom blended candles for wax play. From sensual to sadistic we have candles for every need . We carry 5 ounce jar sets, 10 ounce Pitcher sets, Pillars, Votives, bulk blocks and the ever popular Dick Stick! Looking for the little something extra in your wax play? Be sure to check out of full line of UV black light reactive candles. Custom colors and orders available. Recycle and Refill program exclusively at DocWaxman!

Sample Item : Price Range

Massage Candles (Multiple Scents) : $ $12.00

Set of 6 5oz Candle Jars : $ $50

Paraffin Pillar Candles (Regular and UV) 2 pack : $ $15.00

4 pack of 2.5 ounce votives (Multiple Temperatures : $ $15.00

Dominance Loving Leather: ( R3 )

Original Evil Sticks, and quality leather goods.

Doomi Couture: ( J4 )

Doomi Couture (pronounced like "Do Me") offers quality vintage and contemporary sexy shoes, boots, and leather garments, plus a small collection of club wear in other materials - at prices everyone can afford. We hand-select awesome apparel that we would want ourselves, and you'll love them too.

Sample Item : Price Range

Stilletto heel pumps : $ $25

long sleeve leather dress : $ $100

EF Leathercraft/EF Whips: ( A3 ) ,

Hand Crafted Kangaroo and Nylon Whips, Floggers, Cuffs and Other Custom Leather Products

Knotty Designs: ( R9 )

Knotty Designs hand makes custom paracord products for all your knotty lifestyles from kink to survival, geeky to fashion. Floggers and whips, cuffs and collars, leashes for all your pets, geeky creations and creatures galore there's something for everyone.

Lust Beads: ( R4 )


Exotic...alluring...and a little bit naughty! Lust Beads creates luxury erotic jewelry for you to wear and enjoy, because who doesn't deserve the best in the bedroom? Nipple chains and dangles - no piercings necessary. Morse Code jewelry. Custom orders welcome!

Sample Item : Price Range

Nipple Dangles : $ $18-$34

Nipple Chain : $ $34-$60

Morse Code necklace : $ $40-$60

Non-pierced Nipple Loops : $ $8

Madame Wiladina Boutique: ( A1 )

You want to stop by for an amazing selection of steel boned corsets in a smashing collection of styles and sizes to flatter each unique body to be shown off. fetish clothing, tutus to take you from adorable to strict to sassy for all your looks you need your wardrobe to do for you. four a touch of sexy lingerie,panties and hosiery for your con fun in the dungeon. Our customer service leaves you with a smile along with our stock for many fun naughty times in your life.

Maniacal Leather: ( J2 )

Maniacal Leather specializes in high quality hand crafted braided impact items, and custom made restraints and collars. Everything sold by Maniacal Leather is hand crafted in Vermont, by the artist.

Sample Item : Price Range

Leather Whips : $ 99.95-800.00

Floggers : $ 75.00-175.00

Cat o' nine Tail whips : $ 175.00-300.00

Dragon tail whips : $ 75.00-200.00

paracord options : $ 50.00 and up

Mattz Battz: ( R10 )

Erotic goods from exotic woods!
Impact toys made of wood, rubber and leather.
Something for every taste from slapping spoons to edge play toys!

Sample Item : Price Range

Paddles, canes, slappers, and more evil things. : $ 20-80

My Favorite Kink: ( R7 )

My Favorite Kink specializes in handmade BDSM sex toys. We offer a variety of nylon, leather, and vinyl floggers; as well as paddles and ticklers. For your feminine side, we have a small boutique with vintage and Victorian inspired jewelry. When it comes to floggers and whips, we strive to provide unique toys that bring your play to a new level. Your pleasure is our passion!

Sample Item : Price Range

Floggers : $ $20-$70

Kinky Jewlery/Accessories : $ $7-$20

Victorian Inspired Cuffs : $ $15-$30

Collars : $ $20-$40

Ticklers : $ $7-$20

Needleplay Design: ( A2 )

Needle Play Design ( )
we are unique kinky custom embroiderers who do personalized T-shirts, tanks, hats, towels, blankets, leather bags and various other goods. At vending events, we bring our machines to do on the spot personalization!

Sample Item : Price Range

Embroidered tee shirts : $ $25

Patches : $ $5 and up

Pandora's Box: ( A4 )

Luxury sex toys for all bodies. Handcrafted BDSM gear, impact toys, and fetishwear accessories.

Sample Item : Price Range

Sex toys : $ Various

Paddles : $ $19-$55

Neck Corset : $ $79-$99

Phoenix Latex: ( L2 (L3) L3 )

Rise to the Occasion
Focused on creating unique, beautiful, quality latex clothing for everyone. Founded upon the belief that latex can look beautiful on all figures,we overcome the stereotype that latex looks best only on fashion models.

As an added fun, my booth babe this year does custom glass and ceramic etching and logo-ing! She can make you a custom glass or a Custom Latex patch to add to your outfit!

Sample Item : Price Range

One of a Kind items : $ 50-500

Stock Pieces : $ 40-95

accessories(gloves, hats, bows) : $ 5-20

Etched or Vinyl Glass : $ 5-12

Pleasure and Pain: ( R8 )

We are a small startup that specializes in making unique floggers, paddles, canes, restraints and other BDSM items. As mentioned before we are brand new and are looking to reach out to the kink community to let them know that we exist and that they no longer have to conform to mundane floggers and other instruments that so many make along with he cheap ones in the stores. We believe that each person should have the opportunity to own items that are as unique as they are.

Ropes By EDK: ( J3 )

As humans we love to celebrate things. You celebrate your birthday, your friends birthday, hell, you celebrate your pets birthday. Why not celebrate your ropes birthday!? The first step is finding someone who makes rope like is part of them, like it's a friend, a child. I don't just make rope, I bring it into existence. Attention to detail, and a love for an age old art of handmade rope, is what you will find at my table.

I firmly believe my ropes aren't just made, they're born!

Sunspot Designs: ( J5 (J6) J6 )

Gothic, fantasy, and neo-Victorian jewelry and gifts.

TotemX Creations: ( R11 )

TotemX is the home of the Claw Paw, the best sensation toy you can fit in your pocket. The Paw is made with real rabbit fur over the palm and fingers for gentle stimulation. Metal points to tickle, titillate and torment grace each fingertip. Violet wand modification is an optional extra as well, for those desiring a more shocking experience...

Sample Item : Price Range

The Claw Paw with Fur and Claws : $ $50-$110

Critter Tails, Natural and Dyed Colors : $ $10-$35

Keeper Bags - Velour Drawstring Pouches for your P : $ $5

Vicious Whips: ( R2 )

We are known for our shot loaded bull whips and snake whips. Come check out our newest line of nylon signal whips! All of our toys are evenly weighted and balanced for great control and precision; with fully customizable colors and patterns.

Wicked Woodshop: ( L4 )

Wicked Woodshop makes unique, custom, wicked things out of exotic hardwoods, including our popular 3D collectible paddles. The unique designs and raised graphics combine to leave a lasting impression.
We are also the home of the original "spanky pop" as well as canes, floggers and other toys with hand turned hardwood handles, making each one unique!

Sample Item : Price Range

wooden paddles : $ $80